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Ho Yuen Ting Chowhound Meet

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Tuesday, Dec 11..7 PM seems like works best..see you there..any HYT experts want to suggest some dishes? Everyone is welcome. How many are planning to attend?

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  1. Hi! This is my first post here but I have been lurking for awhile. I would love to attend future dinners but am unable to attend the December 11th one. I have too many work deadlines and final exams swirling around me right now.

    I will keep checking in here to see what comes up for a January outing!

    1. I might in fact show - how do we find each other?

      1. ordered take out from HYT last Friday after reading the posts about it. I ordered the fried crispy squab, the dried squid and baby shrimp in XO sauce, and the mushrooms with vegetables.

        First of all, the squab was done perfect. Fried crispy on the outside, but meaty and juicy on the inside. It is served with a pepper salt which adds even more flavor to it. The only downside was only 1 squab came with each order and squabs are small bird. So if there are any big meat eaters out there, considering ordering more than one order.

        The dried squid and baby shrimp in XO sauce was my favorite. It' is actually not dried squid, but fresh baby squid about the size of a thumb pan fried with dried baby shrimps in a hot and spicy sauce made with dried scallops. Very tasty. The squids were tender and just the right size to pop into the mouth. The dried baby shrimps are a little tough, but very flavorful, and together with the spicy sauce, they make one great dish with a nice kick to it. IMO, this will be a great appetizer dish- perfect to go with a beer or two.

        The mushrooms with vegetables are 2 different types of mushrooms (straw mushrooms and button mushrooms) served in an oyster sauce with lots of garlic over chinese broccoli. Sauce is done just right- not too salty- but then again, it's hard to go wrong with a simple dish like this.

        With 2 white rice, the total tab comes to $30. Not too bad at all.

        1. I will be there. I've enjoyed the salt and pepper squid, but am up for anything.

          1. Sounds good...where is the Ho Yuen Ting?

            1. I'll be there...It's 3A Hudson St, across from ginza...

              1. Please post reviews. :-)

                1. I'll be there; as of this writing, spouse is undecided, but I'm working on him...

                  1. I'm sorry it's late - can you count me in and a friend? If you need descriptions - one Asian girl and one blonde girl (how's that for vague descriptions?) :)
                    7:00 at HYT, right?

                    1. I am new to the area and the board... is it too late to join y'all tonight? How do I find the group, being that I have never seen any of you and all.. ;-)?

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                        Not too late at all...sounds like we'll be a good size group..I'll have a black leather jacket, black glasses. I'll try to get there a little early and just grab a big table..the place is pretty small..we should be able to find each other.

                        1. re: 9lives

                          Cool~~ I will be the confused looking asian guy with short brown hair... ;-)

                          1. re: Ben

                            I'll be the tall, hungry-looking white girl with, of course, a black leather jacket....

                            1. re: galleygirl

                              Hahahaha, maybe I should wear my balck leather jacket as well...

                              1. re: Ben

                                Damn, left my BLJ at home, however will you know me?

                                (This will, of course, all be rectified by next time with the advent of my kewl CH pin...)

                                (But this time I'll be wearing a maroon parka...)

                      2. I hope someone has thought to call ahead to make sure they are at least open. I remember they used to be closed one day a week (either Mondays or Tuesdays), but things could have changed since they reopened.

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                          good point..I just called...they are open.

                        2. I will see you hounds then, and this time I'll be on time. Yay!

                          1. Spouse has just jumped off the fence -- he'll be there too!