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Dec 10, 2001 12:12 AM

Curious about Tea Tray in the Sky

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Recently had a very nice dinner at the new Tea Tray in the Sky in Arlington... I knew of the original tea shoppe that opened in Cambridge between Harvard and Porter Squares, but I was curious to know if anyone knew the scoop about how a tea shoppe became a fine dining restaurant?

The space is a little odd. A bit too spacious, with a tea shop area in the front, dining room in the back. Whimsical furniture. Still a tea theme to the artwork and also in the menu. I had a lapsoog suchong infused lamb dish. I don't have the palate to distinguish the tea infusion, but the dish was quite good. Service was attentive, if not a tad pretentious. Tableware and dishes were clearly chosen for a stylistic impression. Presentation was quite beautiful. Fairly pricey ($20-30 for entrees) for Arlington, which seems to be struggling to develop a more sophistocated identity.

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