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Dec 9, 2001 02:46 PM

need help finding a specific wine

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I'm looking for a specific obscure Chillean wine and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion of where to look. I called the Wine and Cheese Cask, expecting them not to have it (they didn't) but expecting them to offer to get it for me, but the man I spoke to was very rude and basically said he couldn't do anything for me. Has anyone ordered wines over the internet?

TIA for advice,

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  1. Marty's in Allston...What's the wine??

    1. I would try Marty's. There is one in Newton and
      another in Allston/Brighton (Harvard and Comm Ave).
      I've always had great service there.


      1. There is a sight called What is the wine?

        1. First, What is the wine, I may be able to tell you if it is imported into MA -

          Second, if it is, Bauer Wine on Newbury Street is very easy to deal with, and they deliver...

          1. The wine is Gato Negro Cabernet. According to it's website (, it's hardly exported to the US at all - mostly Canada and Europe. I tried both Marty's and Bauer. Neither of them had it. Marty's offered to get it for me, but I only want one or two bottles, and they would only deal with a full case.

            I found a place that carries it though, Pop's Wine on Long Island, NY. They have online ordering and ship wine, so I placed an order and hopefully I'll get it in good shape. It's very cheap, so I won't be that upset if the weather/shipping takes its toll on the wine.

            As an aside, I've never had this wine. I'm getting it as a holiday present for a friend who had it once and was upset that it couldn't be found. I called it "obscure" only because I was having trouble finding it.

            I'll let y'all know how Pop's Wine delievery pans out.


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              There's a store in Watertown called Dyers on Mt Auburn that had that wine a few months back.Fyi it's awful.