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Dec 7, 2001 01:31 PM

north end italian restaurant - authentic - for lunch

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okay chowhounds, I am looking for the real thing here- none of this breaded eggplant and soggy garlic bread and thick sauce - where in the north end is there an italian restaurant that is small, cozy, not too expensive, that serves casual, authentic, light italian fare that would be good for lunch? I mean, I am looking for sauce like they have in Italy - does this exist in the north end?

Please share if you know of anything.

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    Carol Chubiz

    Last year some friends took me to Limoncello in the North End. It had just opened up. I believe some fellow in Italy won the lottery and opened up the restaurant in Boston. My Slow Food chowhounds (one being from Istria {great food place} though now living in Boston) and I had very nice food there.

    Someone else posted about this restaurant earlier in the year. I hope this link works.


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      FYI- Maurizio was a waiter for many years at Saraceno on Hanover St. One scratch ticket later, he's a restaurant owner! Nice guy and a good choice.