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Dec 7, 2001 10:47 AM

Tawian Cafe- Whats On the Menu

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I'm thinking about trying the TC this weekend but from reading the posts, it sounds like a Vegetarian Place. The seafood clay pot sounds good, but is there anything else good beside eggplant and tofu? Such as squid, seafood dishes, and red meat?

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  1. I haven't even tried all the seafood dishes!!The only one i didn't like was the whole tilapia; the bean curd sauce was too goopey..The reason so many of the reviews haven't mentioned meat is that i don;t eat it...My boyfriend had a taiwan style duck that he loved,and when the hounds went, they shared watercrss with beef and sa-cha sauce...Theey list a simmered chopped chicken leg with 3 essences in hot-pot, and pork meatballs with mixed vegetables in clay pot..Sorry i can't comment on all of them, but TRUST ME, it's definitley not veg....I saw people cooking their own crabs in a hot pot last time i was there;that looked fun..Also saw pan-frid cod-filets with soy sprinkles, which looked intriquing...9lives mentioned a beef dish that he's had in a previous post--I'm sure he'll chime in to fill in on the carnivourous options!! Go,Eat, Report!!

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      Wow! It's sounds good. With a menu with so much from it will hard to pick just a few items. I will feel like a deer caught in the headlights.

      This is why it's nice to go with a large group and share a bunch of dishes.

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        Thanks for pointing me to Taiwan Cafe. I loved it! The menu was HUGE and I regret that I couldn't order more food but it was just the two of us.

        We started off with the sauteed littleneck clams with a thick savory sauce which was my wife's favorite that night. What also impressed me was their rice- it was just sticky enough to grab with my chopsticks and swirl it in the sauce from the clams.

        Then they brought out the stir-fried seafood combination with bok choy- shrimp, conch, and scallops. Ecxellent dish with sauce that has a light enough flavor to taste the seafood.

        The highlight was the seafood clay pot. My eyes popped out of my head when they brought that out- it was enough to feed six people! It was still simmering when they set it on our table. It was filled with crab, clams, squid, scallops, tofu, and some kind of root I haven't tried before (it was good). We did our best to finish it and nearly did! I had to open my belt one notch.

        The service was good and the food came surprisingly quick. It was a real pleasant experience with a tab of $42. We took food home so we will get two meals off that tab.

        I'm looking forward to my next visit. Although I'm hearing good reports about other chinatown restaurants. I guess I have to visit more often.

        1. re: fatboy

          glad to hear you enjoyed it! the large menu is part of what makes it fun to get a large group together.

      2. If you're in the area today, you can grab a takeout menu to study. There's way to much on the menu to take in when you're sitting at a table, trying to make up your mind.

        1. Cows and pigs are definitely on the menu..and every part of them..tendons, tripe, intestine, liver(we had it in soup..soso), kidneys(with ginger..yum), ears and tongues...definitely NOT vegetarian.

          I've had the first 2 items on the lunch special menu..sauteed julienned beef w. poblano peppers and shredded beef with watercress in sa cha sauce. Both are great. Lately I've been picking up 1 or the other and the basil eggplant..making 2 or 3 meals of it (just finished eating).

          There's a lot of seafood..we've had the sauteed eel and chive..someone else mentioned the sauteed oysters. Lots of steamed fish, shrimp dishes, squid...

          There's a lot on the menu besides might get that impression because the eggplant get's a lot of ink..and I think anyone who has it once is hard pressed to go to TC without ordering it.

          Enjoy! Looking forward to your report.

          1. With all these talk about Taiwan Cafe, I am wondering, has anyone tried Wisteria House? I been to TC 3 times, and so far I have been quite dissapointed by their offerings. Now granted I have only order from their weekend dimsum/appetizer section (since I am only one person, a full dish will be too much for lunch). Wisteria house, on the other hand, is as close as "home cooking" as I've tried. Not that I am saying TC is bad, but I found Wisteria House's food to be more authentic. I will give TC another try though...


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            1. re: Ben

              I tried Wisteria House years ago, when it first opened, and never bothered going back....Maybe I was younger and less hound-aware then, maybe it's better now..I thought the only reason it survived was because it was the only Chinese of any kind on Newbury St.

              1. re: galleygirl

                Give it another try =)

                Their leek chive pie, pan fried ravioli, crispy salted chiken, mince pork on rice brings tears in my eye ;-)

                I guess I could see how it can be non-discript if you get the generic chinese dishes (instead say, the Taiwanese "small eat" they offer).

              2. re: Ben

                At TC, try ordering from the lunch specials menu. That's what galleygirl and I did when it was just the two of us, and it turned out to be the right amount of delicious food for the right price. But maybe those specials are only available on weekdays?

                That having been said, Wisteria House sounds good too. Let's make that a group destination for January or February.

              3. How are the prices?

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                  Cheap....most under $10, a few over, like whole fish, or duck...The best deal are lunch specials during the week, 11-4, because they're dinner sized, but only cost $6.00...I swear, I don't have any relationship to this place except as a frequent (tho not frequent enough..) diner...When 4 hounds went to lunch, and ordered off the dinner menu, $60. included a generous tip and a ton of food.