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Dec 7, 2001 06:49 AM

in search of handmade tofu, or Korean Dok rice-cakes

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Does anyone know of local restaurants that offer either:

1) Handmade tofu, or

2) Those small, chewy, flat white disks that are made of rice and are often stir-fried or pan-fried in Korean dishes (I think they are called Dok, but I'm not sure)?

I have had both of these recently in Korean and Japanese restaurants in other cities and am eager to find someplace here that has them.


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  1. Taiwan Cafe has rice cakes on the menu, but I forgot to order them ;( so I can't tell you if they're the disk type or some other shape.

    1. For homemade tofu, there is a tiny restaurant on Broadway Ave. in Powder House Square, Somerville. It's an asia restaurant with a sort-of fusion take on asian cusine and lots of great vegetarian dishes! I forget the name, but it's obvious from the outside. It's set with "Tu y Yo," a Mexican restaurant and other shops across from the funeral home.

      1. "East Asia" is the restaurant in Powderhouse Sq., Somerville where they make their own tofu.

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          It wasn't clear from the initial post if you're looking for Korean handmade tofu, or just handmade tofu generally. I don't think there are any Korean places in the Boston area that make their own tofu (there are several in New York, of course). And what kind of dok are you looking for? Do you want dok in a savory dish, such as soup or a stir fry, or dok as a dessert dish? The former is definitely available at Koreana, Wu-Chon, or any of the other Korean restaurants in town; the latter is available at Reliable supermarket in Somerville.