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Dec 6, 2001 11:39 AM

Need restaurant recommendations in the Natick/Framingham area

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I'm currently exploring the restaurant landscape in Natick and Framingham, and I'm looking for any hounds' advice.

So far, I gave Hiro Sushi on Rt.135 a go, and found the chirashi sushi to be exceptionally good and a reasonable bargain at $15. Everything else on the wide-ranging menu looked good, but also pricier than elsewhere. I also tried Gold Star (Indian -- in the unlikeliest of strip malls behind Shoppers' World), and it was excellent. And a place called Dah-Mee in Natick Center, which is pan-Asian noodle/sushi house. The soups were quite good, and the sushi was decent.

Next up, I'd like to find some decent Chinese food. Other general restaurant notes and suggestions would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. For chinese - Lotus Flower 341 Cochituate Rd its in a little strip mall, the one near burger king. Also has Tennesse's BBQ in it, which is also good.

    Other area suggestions

    Joan & Ed's deli in Sherwood Plaza (across from Natick Mall)

    La Cantina in Framingham for Italian 911 Waverly St. (website at

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      Good choices so far Gabe.

      For Chinese I would certainly recommend Lotus Flower, as the previous poster did (it is the sister rest. to Chang-Shao in Cambridge and Lotus Blossom in Sudbury).
      Imperial China, on Rt 9, just West of rt. 126, is fine too.

      BBQ- try Tennessee's-- not great, but not bad either. There is also Firefly's in Marlboro.

      As for La Cantina-- avoid like the plague. I have been there, and other than the low prices, there's not much else to recommend this place.

      For down and dirty wings and beer, there's the Chicken Bone Saloon on rt. 135 in Framingham.

      More upscale, there is Figs and also Blue Ginger in Wellesley.

      I agree that Joan and Ed's is a decent deli, but I'd drive the 15 minutes to Waban for Barry's.

      Cafe Bela in Framingham Center is good Brazilian, seved cafeteria style and priced by the pound.

      There's no shortage of seafood out here-- Blue Dolphin, Go Fish, Wright's Seafood, Legal (no comment), and Naked Fish (also , no comment).

      Desmond O'Malley's is a great Irish bar, and the restaurant is decent too, but don't go in expecting to find an Irish menu, there's influences from Mexico, Asia, and Europe in their selections.


      1. re: Alan H

        Boy! Alan H really knows the neighborhood. I don't. But when I'm in Natick I can't help stopping at Casey's Diner on Bridge St. A tiny but classic diner which speciallizes in steamed hot dogs.

        1. re: chuck s

          That sounds great -- I've seen Casey's and heard a bit about the hot dogs. Any more details? Hours? Any particular way to order the dogs that's special and unique to Casey's, or are they just a better dog overall?


          1. re: Gabe Handel

            Actually, Casey's is on South Avenue, accessible from Routes 27 and 135 (behind the fire station and St. Patrick's church). I recommend eating inside to soak in the local color and ambiance (There are no more than 12 stools and some standing room). The dogs are the big attraction...I think they sell something in the neighborhood of 500-600 a day. I prefer mine "all around" mustard-relish-onion. But the hamburgers are also excellent (try a cheese pepperburger featuring grilled green peppers). If you want your onions grilled for your burger ask for "onions in". They are open weekdays from 11:30-8. Saturdays from 11:30 til 2 or 2:30. There is also a small selection of other sandwiches (BLT, Grilled cheese, chopped ham and pickle, etc.). The pies can also be quite good. They do NOT have sauerkraut or chili for the dogs, nor do they have french fries.

            1. re: Gabe Handel

              There's a really good chinese buffet on route 9 near Jordans furniture called Pacific Buffet. The best I've had so far. They have a grill and soup bar where you pick the ingredients for them to cook for you. Excellent prime rib station too.

          2. re: Alan H

            michi kusa in farmingham, 126/9 is excellent, 17 summer in maynard 20 minutes away has fresh food,i hear the new cosmopolitan is good.

        2. I would agree with most of Allen's picks. He must of hit La Cantina on a off night, it's really not that bad. I do prefer the Union House, also on 135, for Antipasto and Pizza. Right next door is the Waverly Market, that has a great selection of Italian cold cuts. There sandwiches are much better than you average sub shop variety. A little past La Cantina going toward Ashland is TJ Market. The best Rotisserie Chickens in metro west. Continuing toward Ashland is the Cherry Blossom. By far the best Chinese restaurant in the area. There buffet, which use to be better than other restaurants menu food, is still very good. Much better than lotus Flower. Firefly is the place for BBQ. If you make it to Cafe Belo, don't miss the Chicken Hearts. Dolphin II is your best bet for seafood. Go Fish used to be good but I have been disappointed in my last two visits. The Aegian in Framingham for Middle Eastern. Acapulcos in Sudbury for Tex Mex. Let us know what you think.


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          1. re: Paul

            I thought the Union House closed down a couple of years ago.

            I always loved their pizza's


            1. re: horrible

              They have been through some tough times in the past two years. The restaurant is currently open and the pizza was the same on my last visit about a month ago. There antipasto is also usually very good.