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Dec 5, 2001 06:18 PM

Chowhounds Meet- Ho Yuen Tang or Penang?!?!

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So far, 3 or 4 hounds have weighed in on that last thread, but I was afraid it would get buried...

9lives says, "I am happy to go to HYT or Penang..or first 1..then the other (not the same night)...when?. ..lunch or dinner? I could make either.. How about December 10 or 11..Mon or Tuesday? EVERYONE is welcome !! Let's hear what works best for everyone who'd like to attend."
Sounds great to me!! So, for everyone who's said they'd like to go, and everyone who hasn't yet, 1)which one should we try first, 2) what day? and 3)Lunch or Dinner?
I'd love to do a dinner, and Monday could be fun, but then, so would Tuesday..I haven't tried HYT yet,and I'd really like to, but will assent to the will of the crowd...let's do this!!

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  1. Dinner for me. HYT is fine either night.

    1. Dinner for me. HYT best on Tuesday, but I could swing Monday as well. C'mon hounds!

      1. Either location would be fine with me. Can't make Monday, can do Tuesday dinner. But, as always, if we give a little more lead time, we could have a bigger group -- the more the merrier, plus more dishes for everyone to taste! Given that and the holidays, we might consider starting to plan our January meet -- but meanwhile, how about deferring this one until the 17th or 18th?

        1. Looks like Tuesday is in the lead at HYT. Someone suggest a time!

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          1. re: chuck s

            7:00?? And does anyone know the answer to the wine and beer question?

            1. re: galleygirl

              Tuesday..Dec 11 at 7...Ho Yuen for me..I could do 6:30 if that works better. I just called them..the communication was not great but I think they serve beer..not wine..but we can bring wine. In either case, there is a liquor store around the corner..ok beer selection..weak on wine.

              As to Dec 17 or 18..I can't make either date. As to January..what does anyone think of setting up a regular first Monday of the month..2nd Tuesday, etc. (I say 2nd Tues. cuz I have a meeting on 1st and 3rd Tues). Maybe if it were a regular thing, people could plan better?? Something to think about.

              BTW, I'm getting ready to dig into some eggplant from TC..couldn't help but think of how I wouldn't have ever known about it without ""

              1. re: 9lives

                A monthly dinner sounds like a DELIGHTFUL idea!!! As fra as 6:30 goes, either is fine with me. i only proposed 7:00 in deference to anyone who might have a hard time getting downtown...

                1. re: galleygirl

                  I'm already skipping out of work early to get there by 7. So if no one minds, I'd much prefer the 7:00 time.

                2. re: 9lives

                  Sorry I will miss out going with you guys to Ho's. By sheer chow luck it was the first place I ever ate at in Boston C'Town.

                  By my recollection, they have heineken, Ting Tao and budweiser. They haven't had "take out" copies of their menu for a while, so I have nothing to refer to except my ailing/failing memory, but look on the menu for an appetizer of soy duck, chicken, and tofu. It is a big platter of really tasty cold cuts. Ask them what seafood is fresh, the waiters usually have limited english, and one older guy may seem grumpy but they will usually come back with truthful recommendations.

                  Once I took their recommendation about the conch and it was a significant notch better than another time that I had it. The lobster is reasonable and pretty good. I got it prepared with light batter and in a meat sauce. Reminded of what I have had elsewhere as cantonese style crabs. Very good with the shells all cracked in such a way that I could actually get most all of the lobster out with my so-so chopstick skills.

                  BTW: Tonight I had a late dinner at Taiwan Cafe. Have not been back there in a long time. Got and could not finish my big plate of spicy basil eggplant. I got (for the 3rd time and probably last time) the salt and pepper crusted shrimp. I must now admit that the reason I liked it so much at the chow lunch was that then was my first time to eat shrimp that way, and it has not tasted as good either time since. Felt a little guilty that the older asian couple that sat near me ordered it after eyeballing my plate. I felt I should tell them it was not all that, but they covered their table with 3 entrees besides the shrimp, so not to worry, they got plenty of good thinks to eat.

                  Yesterday I had dim sum at China Pearl. Eating dim sum alone is so hard, so many choices, only one stomach. The two most tasty items I had were both selected based on total miscommunication:

                  From the egg roll cart: I gesture at little fried triangles. "What's in those, something different than the egg roll filling?"

                  "Yeah, they different."

                  "What's inside them?"


                  "(sigh) OK, I'll try them."

                  Results: won ton type wrapper deep fried with egg and garlic scallions and some sort of meat and other ingredient inside, er, something different. Really good with the wrapper being light and crisp and the filling being moist but not wet, therefore not causing the wrapper to lose it's crispness.

                  NEXT: A steamed dumpling cart.

                  "...and this lobster and this shrimp and this shrimp and this pork and this (pointing to an item with flecks of green inside) spinach and..."

                  "Ummm. I'll take the lobster [it was ok, no big] and you said this is spinach?"

                  "This spinach... oh, no this is spinach [now uncovering more typically totally green filled vege dumpling]

                  "But this one has spinach in it too?"

                  "You want that one or this spinach one?"

                  "(sigh) [pointing at the one with green flecks inside] Yes, I want this one"

                  RESULTS: Filling seemed to be watercress with two or more kinds of meat; chicken, shrimp and perhaps pork; and a big walnut in the middle of each one. Very very delicious.

                  And by the way: to 9lives, I read a previous post where you recommended Abe and Louie's Steahouse. I made the suggestion for one of our managers to take our customer there (with me, too, of course) and it was a hit. Thanks.

                  What a life.


                  1. re: wrayb

                    How long you around for? thought you were leaving Monday? i would have planned a dim sum lunch!!

                    1. re: galleygirl

                      My schedule changed from day to day. Originally I was to leave first thing Tuesday morning. Kept changing everyday. Finally left last night, Friday night.

                      Next time I am in Boston I would like to see if we could gather some folks for a dim sum lunch in C Town. At the moment I don't know when that might be.


                      1. re: wrayb

                        Next time you are here -- let's definitely do Dim Sum. I sympathize with the challenge of Dim Summing alone... much more fun to do with others. Thanks for the excellent post on your HYT and Taiwan meals.

                        Chow down.

                  2. re: 9lives

                    2d Tuesdays would be a good regular date for me, too.

              2. Have you guys decided 6:30 or 7:00? I'm hoping to go...

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                1. re: Rubee

                  I'm assuming 7:00 unless I hear otherwise. I have to work anyway and can't get there earlier.

                  1. re: C. Fox

                    See ya at 7:00!!