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Dec 5, 2001 10:58 AM

ISO Weymouth Chow

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A friend's daughter just bought a house off Route 18 in Weymouth. I am looking for chow recommendations for takeout (not too exotic) and breakfast joints nearby. TIA.

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  1. Sorry,
    What does ISO stand for?

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    2. I went to a place years ago that was very good. It was called Easter Country Kitchen. It is located at 1385 Washington St. I can't give directions because I'm not that familiar with the area but you could call and find out I'm sure. Warning though, the line is out the door on weekends so prepare for a wait.

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        I probably should have mentioned this or you might have figured it out but this is a breakfast joint.

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          Easters Country Kitchen is located on Route 53 by the Hingham line. Their phone number is 337-4123.

      2. Euro Trattoria in Weymouth (off of Route 53, where the Boston Market used to be) has excellent takeout. They have delicious North End style pizza, and their pasta dishes are also very good.

        1. Ginger House on Route 53 in Weymouth (across from BJ's warehouse) has good Chinese although the decor is not much to look at. And further south on Route 53 in Norwell is Beijing House. (see the link I have added). Beijing House has great food in a really nice setting.

          For breakfast try Bennetts and Nick's (both right across the street from each other) on route 53 near the Braintree Line.

          Right near Nick's and Bennetts is El Serape which is a great place to get some Mexican food.