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Dec 4, 2001 12:18 PM

Dinner near Tremont Temple (Temple & Bosworth)

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We're a group of 6 gathering from NYC, New Hampshire & Newton, looking for somewhere in walking distance before Black Nativity on Saturday night. Looking for good food, a place we can talk, but not somewhere so extraordinary or expensive that we wish that dinner were the evening's activity. Any kind of food is OK, though one person eats no mammal.
It's been nearly 20 years since I was in Boston -- any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Go to the Silvertone (Bromfield?) it is within a five minute walk and the food is good and the atmosphere is laidback and fun

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      Silvertone is good but talking might be a little tough. But it is right on Bromfield which is convenient. I think the food at Pravda 116 (116 Boylston) is pretty good and you can certainly talk before the club there starts up. It's a nice room, entrees are about $18-26 and it's very comfy. I'm not sure what time you're talking but if it's before 9, both Pravda and Limbo (on Temple Place) are nice.

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        I'll add my voice for Silvertone. Josh makes a killer drink. Don't forget Limbo which has some nice food choices and great local Jazz. Not a bad way to fill out an evening after Black Nativity. No. 9 Park is always a great choice as has been mentioned before.

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      We often go to Chinatown after the show, since it does not run late, and we like the walk. Also, you're not far from all the Faneuil Hall offerings.

      Lucky you, going to the Black Nativity! It is the best holiday entertainment I've ever been to, and I'm an old Nutcracker hand from way back. But the BN really raises the roof and jazzes your soul. Cheers!

      1. I also wouldn't forget No. 9 Park. I think they have great food and lovely service and atmosphere. You could eat at the bar; which serves a more limited menu with lower prices, or try and get a table. I don't know what night you're going as well as time--as that could affect what you could reasonably get w/o a reservation...

        1. Cafe La Marliave is excellent, right around the corner from Tremont Temple. Beautiful view of the city lights.