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Dec 3, 2001 08:45 PM

Is Wine Chow?

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So here's the question - Boston restaurant critics are notoriously bad, not that we'd listen anyways, but one constant criticism is that they ignore wine, which some hounds tend to enjoy with their chow.

Where does wine fit in to this board, if at all?

Just curious what my fellow hounds think...

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  1. m
    Melanie Wong

    For me, wine is food indeed and should be discussed on these boards.

    When talking about the wine list at a local restaurant, I'll post to the appropriate geographic board. For talking about types of wines that available widely or wine & food pairings, I'll post on the General Topics board.

    1. First of all, look at the beginning of your statement, " all Boston food critics are notoriously bad". How in God's name can you expect them to know wine when they don't even know food. I remember reading a review a few years back about a certain restaurant's awful attempt at a raspberry sorbet. That same sorbet I had the night before and thought it was incredible. It had a complexness I've never experinced in something so chilled.The hazelnut, touch of chocolate, finished off by vanilla raisin blew me away. Why he thought it was raspberry I have no idea beacause I've never tasted the slightest bit of raspberry in a 10 year tawny port, Taylors to be exact, which is what the sorbet actually was made from. That's pretty bad if you ask me A; not knowing what you are eating and B; being able to publish your thoughts on it. Come to think of it I don't really want someone like that to tell me about the wine list. They'll probably only tell me how great the Kendall Jackson was!

      1. The proof is in the pudding, just look at today's review of Metro in the calender," the wine list is heavy on French". It isn't just heavy, it's 100% French, which I actually applaude. It's nice to know that when you ask for a chardonnay you won't get a disgustingly overoaked butterbomb from California.Death to Kendall Jackson!