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Dec 3, 2001 03:22 PM


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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone know of a good butcher shop in Cambridge? I have found good produce place, fish monger, cheeseshop, bread place... but no butcher shop... something is missing here =)



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  1. Have you tried Savenor's?

    1. It's not Cambridge, but John Dewar's in Newton is a good butcher. Bread and Circus at Fresh Pond has a decent meat counter.

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        I second John Dewar's in Newton. Once you have meat from there, you'll want it from there every time. It is located right in Newton Center. It is DEFINITELY worth the trip from Cambridge. If you don't have a car, you can even take the T.

      2. Could you share your picks for produce, fish, cheese, and bread? =)

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        1. re: Jujubee

          Well, I am relatively new to the place, so I am still trying out few places. But here are the places I go to get my fix:

          Produce: Fresh Pond Bread and Circus - expansive, but good and interesting produce (I bought some maitake mushroom the other day, it was yummy). I heard there is a produce/co-op in central square that is cheaper and just as good. Also, I want to check out Wilson Farms in Lexington.

          Fish: If I could, I would get my fish from Super 88's. However, since I don't keep seafood in my frig for more than a day or two, if I want something in the middle of the week, it can be a hassle. Fresh Pond Seafood is not cheap, but pretty good (and on my way home!). The Fish Monger near Formaggio's kitchen looked to be pretty decent too. A surprising find is the Star Market in Porter Square. Once in a while, they will have pretty decent looking and interesting stuff for a fairly good price. Just the other day I got some smelts. Very tastey and fresh for $2 a lb. You can also get salmon head for $1/lb. Makes great miso soup.

          Cheese: The bread and circus in fresh pond is quite nice, and the staff is very friendly, and let you taste just about everything. Formaggio Kitchen is prob as good as it gets for cheese. Great staff, and huge selection. I found the two compliment each other fairly well.

          Bread: I get bread (Iggy's) at formaggio whenever I am there for cheese. I keep passing by High Rise bread company on my way home... it looked nice from outside.

          And whenever I feel lazy, I will just walk down to the Evergood Market near my place. A nice, small, but well stock neighborhood grocer. Reasonble price too.

          That is about it, I think. Anyone who has a favorite spot to get their food needs, please post them too. I would love to check them out!

        2. Someone mentioned Savenor's which used to be in Cambridge. They abandened us for a Yuppie shop on Beacon Hill. Very good stuff but I couldn't forgive them for abandoning a neighborhood which had supported them for decades. They were negotiating to be the meat concession at the Broadway market but backout. But the butcher which went in there was pretty good, New England meats, often named in Boston Mag's best of Boston. At least they were decent when I lived in the neighborhood. Some people like the Fresh Pond Market in Huron Village.

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            Didn't their building in Cambridge burn down? They are on Charles St now..very high quality..but also very expensive..$26 lb or so for boneless sirloin.

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              Thanks for the suggetions!! I passed by Broadway Martket a couple times, but for some reason just did not stop by and check them out (must be a parking thing..). I also drive thru fresh pond on concord ave on my way to work everyday, but being relatively new to this area, I have no idea where Huron Villege is. Can you give me the direction to Fresh Pond Market?

              1. re: Ben

                Huron Village, from Fresh Pong Parkway heading east, turn left at Huron Ave. its about 1/2 mile on the right.

            2. Don't forget Mayflower Poultry on Cambridge St (just east of the old rail tracks) in East Cambridge. They are a small operation with a poultry farm north of Boston, if I remember correctly. And you can always get fresh capon there, which makes them one of the culinary treasures of Greater Boston so far as I am concerned.

              Some people who are not accustomed to the smell of freshly killed poultry (i.e., those who shop only in stores that use deoderizers, as most do these days) may find it a bit intimidating. But they ice up the birds immaculately, and in all of my years shopping there I have had nothing but wonderful birds. Note: they are closed on Sunday (I give them points for that, actually; I like vendors who are closed at least one day a week, but that's another story).

              And while you are in East Cambridge, ask around for which Italian or Portuguese butchers in the area are the best. You'll stand a better chance of getting good pork (yeah!), veal and other meat.