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Dec 3, 2001 08:04 AM

Penang recommendations?

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Hi hounds -- heading to Penang tonight. Do you have menu fave's to recommend? Thanks in advance.

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  1. My 2 favorites there, steamed whole fish with homestyle sauce (lots of garlic and cilantro), and samsum belanchon(sp??), some kind of malaysian hollow-stemmed green..And the green beans with shrimp paste!

    1. I second the watercress dish -- Kangkung Balacan -- which is outstanding. Also, the House Special Spicy Squid is very good if you like strong, sweet flavor like a hoisin sauce. I also really like the Mee Goreng, the Indian noodle dish, which shares a lot of the same smoky fish-paste flavor as the Kangkung Balacan.

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        Ooops, thanks for that spelling help--I knew I was a little off! I second the Mee Goreng too.

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        Seth Ditchik

        Ask for the Malaysian menu. They have two menus; one with the safe stuff for the gringos, and one with the real stuff for the serious eater. Make sure they give you the real one.

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          Vital Information

          Is the Malaysian menu something unique to the Boston Penang? Am I way off base here, is the Boston Penang unrelated to the New York based chain that also has a branch in Chicago? I only ask, because in several great meals at the Chicago Penang, I have never seen/heard of a seperate Malaysian menu, but if I need to ask...

          On the chance that the Boston Penang is the same as the Penang I know, let me offer my input on menu selection:

          - I further the advice on the water spinanch or whatever the green leafy stuff is with the anchovyish sauce.

          - beef rendag - my favorite dish from that part of the world, should be very spicy!

          - roti canal - thin transparant pancakes with a yellow chicken curry dipping sauce.

          - the appetizer which is really an appetizer combination, with thousand year old eggs, bean curd and other goodies, a play on malaysian street food.

          At the Penang I know, your meal will only be limited by the amount of dishes you can order.


          1. re: Vital Information
            Seth Ditchik

            This Penang is part of the chain based in NYC. I used to live in Queens, and loved the Flushing branch (the original, I think). That being said, the Boston branch is a very different; it's located on the edge of Chinatown, near the Theater district, and tends to cater to theater-goers. In fact, it should be easier to get a table if you go after the opening curtain.

        2. The Boston Penang is a branch of the NY..don't know about Chicago..I wasn't aware of a Malaysian menu either..As VI said..roti canai, beef rendang..also they have a shrimp dish..large, head on prawns in a spicy sauce...there's a few of them on the menu..have the waitress describe them. I really like Penang and don't go as often as I'd like.

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            Never can figure out how to eat the roti - but it sure is good!