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Dec 2, 2001 09:04 PM

Romantic Italian Restaurant

  • j

Looking for a nice place for a birthday dinner. Need to be quit with wonderful food!

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  1. here a couple places I have heard about:
    2)mamma maria
    4)centro (I've been there and it's slammin')

    have fun,

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    1. re: dz

      Sage is good but not particularly romantic IMHO. Five North Square is pretty cozy isn't it? Seems like most of the places I hit in the North End are too cramped to be considered romantic.

    2. It's hard to find a more romantic place than Trattoria A Scalinatella on Hanover St. in the North End. FYI - There is a dress code.

      1. I think the most romantic ones are Mamma Maria and Trattoria à Scalinatella. However, I would lean to Trattoria as I think the food is better, and, if you're lucky enough to get a table near the fireplace, it's quieter and more romantic.


        1. Centro is fabulous. The food is prepared with great care but is hardly cold/over-chefed, you can do something cute like split a pasta to start, the desserts are perk-up fabulous, and you'll walk outside with your arms clasped around each other...

          Or if you've gotta go to the North End, I'm a Pomodoro fan meself. Cozy, you can feel the family-run vibes. Just upscale enough, if that makes any sense.