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Dec 2, 2001 01:30 PM

Fire & Ice in Harvard Square

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Chowhounds, we sure would appreciate your opinions. Have plans to lunch there end of Dec. Thanks much.

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  1. We like the one near Coply Square better. More privecy
    in the seating arangements. Think it is a fun night out W/ good fresh food at a reasonable price.

    1. I had a great lunch there last year. When I was there, on a weekday afternoon, it wasn't crowded at all. Lots of fun choices, even for a vegetarian, and good price.

      1. It's good, but kind of a "strap on the old feedbag" place. Lunch may be better than dinner since it is more low-key. Went I went they used to stirfry the veggies and the meats together, so by the time the meat was done, the veggies were mush. Someone told me they may have solved this problem, but I have yet to be impressed

        1. Hey,
          Fire and Ice is kind of gimmicky. If you're looking for food quality above anything else, I'd go somewhere else. basically you just go around and pick a bunch of stuff from different stations (eg. meat, fish, veggies, sauces, etc.) and then they grill it up for you. It all seems to end up tasting pretty similar...I'd go to Casablanca or Tanjore instead.
          have fun,

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            I'm with you - second the motion to go to Casablanca instead.

          2. Although in theory I like the concept, I had one of my worst dining experiences ever at the Cambridge Fire & Ice. We went for brunch and, although it wasn't super crowded, the service was terrible. Our server didn't bring our drinks for 30+ minutes. The grill was only cooking 4 pancakes at a time so the line for those grew huge. In addition, I have some serious concerns about hygiene with this place. I know all restaurants have issues but I guess I prefer not to see it. I was watching people pick the food out of the bowls with their hands. I saw one woman, who was holding a toddler, pick bacon out of the serving dish with her fingers and then feed it to the child. Then she licked her fingers and stuck them back in the dish. It turned my stomach.