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Dec 1, 2001 11:02 AM

Christmas in Brookline.

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Going to the brother-in-law's home for X-mas. Where should a person eat?

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  1. If you mean specifically in Brookline, I'd suggest the Washington Sq. Tavern, Matt Murphy's and for an omelette, the B&D or Eagle Deli.

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      Matt Murphy's is also great for dinner. They have a rabbit pot pie that's incredible! For seafood, Skipjacks is always a good choice.

    2. Where in Brookline?

      1. For a change of pace... I've always enjoyed eating at Noble House - pretty decent Chinese.

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        1. Try Firenze on Babcock St. corner of Harvard. A small Tuscan eatery which tries to be authentic and does a nice job. Also Dok Bua, my Thai grocery store which is becoming less of a grocery and more of a restaurant especially since galleygirl has started going.

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            I know, my boyfriend said I should shut-up about it!! (g) Ya know, we cruised by Firenze the other nite, to check out their menu, and they seemed awfully expensive for what they are..Or are they more than they seem to be? By the way, I agree with everyone's recommendations on Matt Murphy's, best pint of Guinness in Brookline, wonderful fish and chips in newspaper(get the fish sandwich unless you have a HUGE appetite!), no worry, you get their great fries and home-made ketchup with both. I could eat that stuff with a spoon! I have to disagree with the Brookline Skipjacks; I've never had a good experience there, and I finally gave up. I love Village Fish, tho...Go with the specials, or grilled swordfish pieces, or calamari Fra diavolo or....