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Dec 1, 2001 10:05 AM

corned beef hash

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There was a query in a thread a ways ( Waaaayyy back!) back about good corned beef hash in the area. finding real home made hash is one of my long time obsessions, and I'd like to share what I know and ask for any other info.
1. s&s (inman sq )-home made & real, served in a chafing dish and not as crisped on the grill as would be ideal, but yummy none the less.Have become addicted to choosing bagel w/creamcheese instead of toast & loading hash on top( guilty pleasure).
2.Towne diner ( mnt auburn, watertown ) Had hash here many years ago, a little unusual and VERY homemade seeming, but good. Lots of stuff other than potatoes & c. beef ( bell pepper, onions etc.)like something you would cook at home with leftovers( not a bad thing).
3. Kelly's diner (broadway,somerville)-my vote for overall best! Classic,simple, real, WELL crisped on griddle, edges had that wonderfull " Cringly " ( as Allison would say )texture, excellent complement for poached eggs, good homemade Scali bread toast too. Lets one excuse the fact that this is an old diner but moved there recently.
4. Percy's ( " biggest breakfast menue in Mass. ")5 locations on cape & south shore - Also very good, classic, real, not quite as well crisped on griddle as kelly's , but runner up for me. great brkfst overall.
please let me know of any others.

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  1. Ohhhh, bestill my heart.
    I was consummed by a hash craving out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago. I surfed throught the net a little looking for hash recommendations and settled with Mad Martha's on Plum Island. Homemade but tasted funny...I think the ketsup was spoiled....if that can happen. Not really willing to try it again but I will DEFINATELY go to Kelly's. Sounds like hash heaven to me. Thanks for the tip.

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      Pat Goldberg

      Where on the Cape is Percy's? I couldnot find them in a Yellow pages search.


      Pat G.

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        heathen & spells

        There is one in mashpee ( rt 28, 508-477-6623 ). The reason you couldn't find it is that I misspelled it ( as Allison pointed out ) ,it is called Persey's Place. There is also one in Hyannis & Buzzards Bay ( " Not a chain, just a few good restaurants run by a few good friends" as it says on their menu ) ENJOY

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          heathen & spells

          OOOPPSSS! Allison is ready to kill me , I wrote down their phone # wrong this time ! it is 508-477-6633.

          1. re: heathen & spells
            Pat Goldberg

            No phone listings for Hyannis. Is the Buzzard's Bay one in Middleboro?

            1. re: Pat Goldberg

              Not sure which ones are still open. Buzzards Bay is long gone.

        2. You may already know this place but people rave about the corned beef hash at the Galley Diner in South Boston. It is located at the corner of O and East 1st Streets. It is a whole in the wall but they make a great breakfast. It used to be a hidden secret among the locals but with the yuppie explosion in Southie, word has gotten out more and it gets pretty crowded on weekends.

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          1. re: Maura
            Heathen & Spells

            No, we were not in the know on this one . We'll have to check it out ! Thanks !

          2. Just wanted to let you know that the Towne Diner in Watertown has changed hands in the last year and the hash is definitely not the same. Before it was choppped up and seasoned hash now it's shredded and not so seasoned, Still ok but not as good as before. I used to refer to it as the best cornedbeef hash in the world so I'm a little biased. Haven't found anything that compares since

            1. If anyone knows of a restaurant on the North Shore that serves "good" corned beef hash please, please tell me. At one time the corned beef hash served at Maria's in Salem was excellent. Last time I ordered the hash it left much to be desired.