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Dec 1, 2001 06:55 AM

Best Ceviche in the Area?

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I have a friend in town who is a HUGE fan of ceviche. Any thoughts on where I can find the best ceviche in the area?

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  1. f
    Finn Food Lover

    If you find somewhere with good ceviche, please let us know! I live in NH and have just resigned myself to making it at home. But I'd travel to Boston if there's a good restaurant...

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    1. re: Finn Food Lover

      Just had some decent ceviche at Kingfish Hall.
      They have two types. I had the peruvian.
      I lived in Panama for a while, and loved the ceviche.

    2. Have you tried the ceviche at Buteco brazilian restaurant.
      They are located on Jersey St. in Park Drive.
      One of the best bargains around. Great ceviche, feijoada, and the tastiest black beans...
      The place is small, with a very faithful flock of regulars.
      Go before the current owner retires this year and moves to Brazil.