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Dec 1, 2001 03:54 AM

death by seafood clay pot?

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so after reading all the posts about this place, I started getting hungry and my roommate and I decided to hit some lunch at the TC. we ordered the infamous eggplant, some sort of greens that my Taiwanese roommate can pronounce but I can't, a noodle dish with eel, and scallion pancakes. Then I had the bright idea to order the seafood clay pot which I had heard others talk about. the waiter looked hesitant and said "it's big." we were hungry and stupid so we ordered it. despite our shock when the ginormous pot came to the table, we pretty much devoured it. it was ridiculously good as was the rest of the stuff we got. I ate probably four times what I should have and don't regret it for a second...
rock on,

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  1. as god my witness, i was with danny, and we devoured the seafood+veggie clay pot ourselves, leading to many moans and groans (yet with a pleasant little feeling of satisfaction). It's basically a pretty traditional hot pot that you can find in many taiwanese restaurants, but i must say that this was one of the best i've ever tasted-the broth was incredibly rich, i think in part b/c of the inclusion of taro root to the pot. crab, shrimp, clams, this japanese fish cake with a golden outside, clear silky noodles, scallops, cabbage, and i think a few tomatoes. Mindblowing, seriously.

    Also, chowhounds, i'm curious as to whether anyone has tried the snails yet-they're fantastic here as well-similar sauce to the eggplant, with heaping amounts of basil and garlic. the texture might need getting used to, but it's possibly their best dish, IMHO.


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      OMG: You just gave me one more reason to visit Boston again. I've eaten at Taiwan Cafe many times but missed that dish. I have fond memories of great snail dishes at Vietnamese restaurants years ago and what you describe sounds so simple but so scrumptious.

      1. re: wrayb

        Just ley us know, wrayb, and all the Boston hounds will be there to make sure you can order things in ADDITION to the claypot, it's a whole lottah food!

    2. What does TC stand for? And where is it? Help out the ignorant folks please.

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        TC stands for Taiwan Cafe..Oxford St in Chinatown..It has become sort of a local chowhound favorite..several of us have met a few times for lunch or dinner there.

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          And fatboy, judging by your appreciation of MY favorite Vietnamese place, you have GOT to go!!

          1. re: galleygirl

            Thanks Galleygirl and 9lives,

            I'll try it next time I go into Chinatown. The seafood clay pot got my attention. I usually tend towards Dorchester for Pho2000 or Pho Hoa instead of Chinatown because of the hassles of parking but we usually end up going because my wife wants to get Banh Mi at a cart inside Pacific Supermarket at 15 Beach Street. She says that's the best Banh Mi (Banh Mi Be Le on Dorchester Ave is her second choice).

            1. re: fatboy

              Thanks, I'm gonnah try that banh Mi...The menu at Taiwan Cafe is definitely a step above the ordinary.