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Nov 30, 2001 08:42 PM

Another great meal at Taiwan Cafe

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Went to Taiwan Cafe tonite with 5 friends. We didn't try too much that hasn't been talked about, but I wanted to reiterate some suggestions.

The six of us shared:

Seaweed with garlic appetizer, which was fantastic. Best seaweed I have ever had (although I haven't had very much)

Steamed pork buns, which were also delicious and very juicy, they practically exploded on the plate.

Sauteed Eggplant w/ Basil: Everyone was right. This is the best eggplant I have ever had. All 6 of us loved it, even the ones who are normally not big fans of eggplant. I am a fan, and this was incredible. If you haven't had it yet, go try it!

A noodle soup with pork which was very nice but nothing special in my opinion.

Finally, we had the Seafood in a Clay Pot. This was awesome. See the description in the link below. This was the last dish we had, (5 things for 6 people) but we couldn't even finish it. I did not care for the taro root and thought it might have been better without it, however one of my friends disagreed and proclaimed that taro is his new favorite starch. So there ya go. The broth was great though, as well as the tofu. The people at the table next to us had what I think was the Fermented Tofu w/ Mized vegetables clay pot. It looked really good, has anyone had it?

Our meal was cost 40.10, which is quite a bargain since we all ate well. I had JUST enough room left for a red bean bun at the bakery down the street. YUM


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  1. Hey, I was at the TC tonite!!! The very sweaty looking white girl who had just spent 1/2 hour sandwiched on the green line, and then had to dumb down my order because I had dinner with 2 very non-chowhound friends who were kinda scared of everything that they saw...2 others (hounds!!) were supposed to join us, but couldn't make it...In deference to their tastes, I had to settle for less that stellar...Sigh!! I think I saw that clay pot go by, tho! Watched with envy...We had scallion pancakes(them), and oyster pancake(me)...Would have much rather had the seaweed w/garlic....2 pancakes were too much alike...I would opt for the oyster, of course.
    We had the eggplant, esp. good tonite, and the watercress, always good...But I let them choose the noodles, Taiwanese style w/seafood and veg, and they were a little bland for my taste, but had a nice smokey taste from the wok..I made a mistake with the fish; my friend wanted "white" fish, so I didn't get the grass carp, which i know is good, but got the tilapia with spicey bean curd, which, altho spicey, had MUCH too much goopey sauce for me...I am becoming SUCH a snob about this place; but my hands felt tied ordering by their food paranoias! I DID see a few things go by that I REALLY wanted to know more about--what must have been house special pork chop on rice platter...I don't even eat meat, but the thin crispey cutlets still looked appetizing, with some kind of cooked cabbage, and egg..Then, I saw some people getting whole crabs and a huge hot pot to cook them in...I think it must have come from the Taiwanese specials on the wall, because I couldn't find it on the menu...
    By the way, my SO didn't like the taro root in the Seafood hot pot either, but I have made it MY new favorite starch, also!! I think I'll go back tomorrow, so I can get fun stuff!

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    1. re: galleygirl

      Do you know anyone who's tried the fish head hot pot yet? Or the blood pudding rice cake with gravy?

      And I wonder what the sea salt poached peanuts are like.

      1. re: ironmom

        I think wrayb tried the blood pudding rice cake one of his first times there...I WOULD try the fish-head hot pot, but there are a bunch of other hot pots I'd have to get to first..And I'm definitley going to be agressive about getting those wall specials translated.

      2. re: galleygirl

        big day at TC..I picked up the eggplant and beef w/ watercress lunch plates..made a few meals out of them.

      3. i wanted to try all of this great stuff, but, which taiwan cafe? in cambridge or boston? instead went to suggested yan's best in chinatown. had salty fish w eggplant hot pot. it came boiling joyously to the table. sauce simple and nourishing. eggplant perfect--not falling apart, not firm and mouth-itchy. would love to get a pot at taiwan.....

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        1. re: d

          I went to the Taiwan Cafe on Oxford St. in Chinatown. Have you tried the one in Cambridge? Are they related?

          1. re: Dave M.P.

            I don't think they're related, altho the one is Cambridge IS related to another Chinese mini-string(2 or 3) of restaurants, can't remember which....My boyfriend said anything he's gotten there is always greasy...

            1. re: galleygirl

              Hi Dave M.P. The T C in Cambridge is related to the Pu-Pu Hot Pot and All Asia. The first 2 were not bad from what I remember, but nothing like the hallowed Chinatown T C.