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Nov 30, 2001 01:16 PM

Maggiano's Little Italy?

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Does anyone have any thoughts about this place or in comparison to Vinny Testa's? I am throwing a holiday party for 15 and cannot decide on which restaurant.

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  1. food is better is Maggiano's, but it is going to cost more.

    1. I haven't eaten at VT..but I think the food at Maggianos is very good..for a large, chain restaurant..nice looking party rooms too.

      1. VTs is really, really bad. Maggianos is surprisingly good. Get ready to go family style as they insist upon it with big groups. I went and was part of a table of 18 and it worked out very well. Good place for a group. Not the best Italian in Boston but you wouldnÂ’t expect that it would be.

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          I read that on their website. What exactly is "family style"? Do each member of your group select which appetizer,salad,pasta and main dish? Or do I select for the group as a whole?

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            "Family style" means that you'll tell them how many people you have and they will "suggest" X number of appetizers, Y number of entrees, etc. Rather than ordering 10 orders of fettucini alfredo, 10 orders of something else, etc, you'll get 4 different entrees and they give you a "family size" portion of each and the table just shares. Sounds like a pain but it works pretty well. We had everyone at the table choose an app, dessert or entree so everyone got one thing they liked, and it all worked out.

            When you get there the waiter will explain it to you. They want you to do this cause it makes their lives as servers much, much easier.

            Have fun.

        2. The food is definitely better than Vinny Testa's and I think the atmosphere is as well. Granted, it isn't gourmet Italian but I think your guests would be happy and they definitely wouldn't leave hungry. I really like the look of the restaurant and the function rooms. It takes me back to another time , sort of that Frank Sinatra thing.

          1. I planned an event there two years ago and it was a very good experience. Everyone had a great time, they did a nice job on the food, amd the atmosphere was great. The GM was very knowledgeable, and knew what he was doing. I would definitely recommend them.