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Nov 30, 2001 04:56 AM

Symphony Hall Area Meals

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I have two occasions where I will be attending events at Symphony Hall-one a Sunday afternoon and the other a Friday evening. I am looking for places for chowhoundish meals before those events. There is no limitations in cuisine or price (though the higher the price the longer the meal at least in my experience) Also any suggestions for after the Friday night concert would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Taste of India on Hunt. Ave. just got a good review in the Calendar. I always like Dixie Kitchen on Mass Ave. It's usually not jammed with Symphony people like Betty's Noodle place is, which is fair. There's always Bangkok on Mass Ave. for dependable Thai food. Has anyone been to Stars on Huntington? That's a step up from the other restaurants mentioned.

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      I have been to Stars several times and love it. It is basicaly dressed up diner food - but done really well. They dare to serve homemade tater Tots - gotta love it. I have never had a bad meal there, for brunch, lunch or dinner.

      1. re: Howiecat

        I've eaten at Taste of India twice, and been very pleased. The flavors are very rich, and the portions are generous.

        Taste of Asia, slightly closer to the Hunt. Ave. entrance to Symphony Hall, is also very good. If you're in a hurry, they do a good pho, but the also have a full menu with both Chinese and Vietnamese specialties.

        1. re: peregrine

          Avoid Tiger Lily on Westland at all costs. The food is terrible and overpriced. We've had the noodle dishes and the dim sum. The most frequently used adjectives have been gummy, gluey, and salty. Betty's Wok & Noodle is adaquate, and Tiger Lily is several notches down from BWND.

          1. re: Lindsay B.

            There is a new Thai place RIGHT next door to Tiger Lily, on Westland, which is great. Unfortunately, i can't find my receipt, and can't remember the name to save my life...It is in the spot that used to be a bare-bones Thai place, now they've upgraded, and we found the food really spicy and enjoyable, and reasonable(!) before "Betty's Summer Vacation".

            1. re: galleygirl

              The Thai place galleygirl mentioned is called Pan Thai. I've eaten there twice. So far, I've found that the curries and stir fries outshine the noodle dishes. The vegetables are fresh and the sauces are flavorful. I recommend the green curry with eggplant and green beans. Unfortunately the tempura tastes like it came from a food court. The batter is heavy and chalky-tasting. The Pad Thai is thoroughly lackluster as well. The noodles were mushy and the sauce was greasy and overly sweet.

              1. re: Lindsay B.

                Hmm, well we DID just have stir-fries..They were very fresh and tastey,perhaps "great" was a little too strong a word to use....I just get excited whenever I find anything decent in that immediate area, because I'm always running late, and never have time to squeeze in dinner anyplace not in the neighborhood..Thanks for the name....

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      Roejimmy (formerly Matt)

      South End Galleria is three blocks over and three blocks up from Symphony Hall on Columbus Avenue. They have great chow. It is owned by the same women who owned Galleria Italiana, and they have a late night menu as well if you decide to eat after Symphony.

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        Find any excuse to go to South End Galleria. The menu is inventive and changing; the staff and owners friendly and efficient. For bread pudding fans, hurry on down for their particularly lucious version with turkish figs.

      2. I finally tried Bangkok City on Mass Ave. It's now my new favorite for Thai food in Boston and I have to recommend it if you love Thai. Make sure to ask for the "other" menu featuring Northern and Central Thai dishes (not Lotus of Siam but great nonetheless!). I'm addicted to the cold spicy glass thread salad with plenty of cilantro, lime, and ground chicken and shrimp. The duck curry is the best I've had.

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          Win (Boston)

          Brasserie Jo in the Collonande Hotel is nearby. It is one of my favorites. They do a lot of Symphony business. Ideal for light appetizers or a completre meal. Not cheap, but a real value in terms of quality.