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Nov 29, 2001 11:07 PM

Toast! (at Hi-Rise)

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Here's a happy eating experience I've just discovered; those of you who love bread, just bread, might find it particularly fun.

I know that some of you are fans of Hi-Rise Pie Co. on Brattle St. in Harvard Square. Well, I was there around mid/late afternoon ('coffee break') a couple of days ago, sniffing around, and I wasn't hungry enough for a sandwich (had no money anyway) nor did I want to pay too much for an OK baked good. So, just for kicks, I bought myself some toast. Two slices of your choice of bread(since I'm new to Hi-Rise I just got a slice of white and a slice of wheat, thought I'd cover basics), toasted, plus butter and preserves. For three dollars. Ehh. But I thought I'd splurge a bit...

So I went to the little sitting area upstairs, and the serving person brings up the toast in a little basket. And there was a cute little triangle of butter, and a wonderful little container of blueberry-lime preserves -- full of big, sugary blueberries, really interesting -- and two thick slices of toast! So I sat there for most of the afternoon, and read college-y stuff, and munched some excellent, warm, crusty toast. Never before done such a thing...but it was a nice afternoon, and toast makes for a real nice afternoon snack.

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  1. Emma,

    Congrats on stumbling into one of the hidden (if overpriced) jewels of Harvard Square! Early in your freshman year, you've discovered a place that I didn't even try until after I graduated...

    Just wanted to offer some other dining suggestions near Harvard:

    - Don't miss Campo di Fiori in Holyoke Center. Tasty pizza and sandwiches at good prices
    - If you're looking for a late night snack, please choose Nochs over Tommy's. Hands down better pizza and subs.

    Some Asian plugs:

    - If you like Thai, try Spice on Holyoke St. (much better than Bangkok House on JFK and Tamarind House on Mass Ave.)
    - Penang (Malaysian) just opened on JFK but the Chinatown location is better
    - Elephant Walk (Cambodian/French) is a ten minute walk up Mass Ave past the Porter Sq T-stop and definitely worth a try
    - The Porter Exchange Mall on Mass Ave. has an unassuming outside (the GAP), but has many Korean and Japanese delights inside that fit a student's budget

    Best of luck with your studies and chowhounding adventures!