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Dinner at Locke Obers

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Let me start by saying that I want to love this restaurant..so many good memories. I had a drink there last week and posted on the decor...any minor changes are an improvement..the integrity is intact. If you liked the room before, you'll probably like it now. Many of the staff are still there. Unfortunately not the bartender. The bartender comes from Mistral and brought her nasty attitude with her..nice to look at but not much on service..practically throwing a wine list at me when I asked her what wines they serve by the glass. Not a change for the better.

As for the food..it was good...but not great. We had escargots and steak tartare appetizers..both good but I preferred the original LO steak tartare. Then we shared a Dover Sole..also very good. Service was friendly and professional with a few hitches..our waitress brought plates..maitre d removed them..waitress brought them back...long wait between apps and entree.

All in all, I enjoyed Lockes. They're only open for a week..so they are still getting the kinks out. I'm hoping that they can get into the top tier of Boston's restaurants...and they still have Lobster Savannah on the menu.

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  1. I'm so glad they still have the lobster savannah. My boyfriend and I were in Boston for a show and I just picked out LO from a Boston area guide. I was so pleased with my choice. My boyfriend tried to steal bites of my lobster when I wasn't looking-it was sooo good. Didn't you think the service then-(5/01/) was excellent? A very old world style feeling. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your meal to the extent you did. Hopefully they will become one of Boston's finest.