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Nov 28, 2001 04:08 PM

company xmas party venue

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Can anyone suggest a place for a small (40-50 pp)intimate company christmas party in Boston? Good food and reasonably priced. Not elegant, but cozy and comfortable. We're not a wild bunch but we like to let our hair down and have some fun. We're mostly a young crowd, 21-early forties. I don't have much time and the only date I have available is 12/14. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If we choose your suggested place, you're more than welcome to join us.
Thanks in advance.

And to all a Happy and Peaceful Holiday

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  1. I had the most enjoying company party at Brasserie Joe last year. They folks there take really good care of these types of events. They have a separate room and set up cocktails before dinner. Very nice and festive and much better than one would expect.

    1. Ambrosia has a wonderful private room upstairs from the restaurant. They will also work with you on menu picks. Mistral has a beautiful room, but it is quite expensive. Also, the Hampshire House has various rooms for a private event, and you can certainly let your hair down there.

      1. Back when our lab had discretionary funds, we had awesome parties at the Four Seasons, Ritz, Bay Tower Room, Sonesta, Westin and Suisse Hotel. The Westin room was probably the most cozy, the Sonesta and Bay Tower obviously had great views. Sonsie has a private room downstairs. The Veronique in Brookline has a kind of old world charm and their food has improved. Had a Xmas party in a room at the Embassy Suites that was nice. You better get moving tho, 12/14 is probably fairly booked.

        1. Unfortunately, if you have not booked already, many 'good' places will not be available. It may be different with the economy this year, but for a group that size, you need to book X-mas months in advance.

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            I threw a surprise birthday party for my husband at Ole Mexican Grill in Inman Square, Cambridge. There were ca. 40 guests, and it was great! They have a separate room in back that they set up with a fun, U-shaped table. Good food and drink, festive, reasonable, and the very best part was the mariachi duo who played during drinks!

            Also, the Summer Shack does big parties.