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Nov 28, 2001 02:36 PM

Le ombre-??

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I had one of the best meals I ever had at a place in Boston this May. I had one of their specialties-Lobster Savannah. The service was the best I have come across. Juat wanted to recommend it to everyone-However, now I'm not sure if that is the name or how you spell it. It's been a busy year folks. Does anyone know where the heck I'm talking about?? They have this very nice old world style looking bar and it's kind of down an alley way. Was kind of off the beaten track and hard to find, but was worth the effort. Can't wait to go back.~P

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  1. I think you might be talking about the old Locke-Ober's. It's under a new owner but I've heard the classic Lobster Savannah is still on the menu. It opened last week I think. There's been some posts earlier and I think 9Lives is going tonight?


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    1. re: Rubee

      Yes that is exactly where I was talking about. I'm sorry to hear it's under new owners. I hope the service stays as good as it was. It was near perfect when I was there. Thanks for the info. Did you like it?~P

      1. re: Pam

        Interesting things to note if you go- They have ripped out the carpet and a gleaming dark wood floor is in the foyer. Also, check out the mosaic floor as you enter the restaurant, this was hiding under the carpet!

        And, the women's room wall paper is now a red oriental, what a change from the flowery preppy look before. But thank God they painted the ceiling in the bar area, the water spots were getting pretty bad.

        My husband and his friend had dinner there last night (I did not) they were slightly dissapointed, probably working out their kinks at this point.

        1. re: Penne

          The carpeting was put down only a few years ago. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago. I'm happy to hear that Lydia has "restored" Locke's to normalcy as least as regards the awful carpet experiment.

          I have really missed Frank, the maitre'd in the 60s through the 80s, who always phoned me when my favorite duck special was on the lunch menu.

          And the roast beef hash on the lunch menu was the best I have ever tasted. Word was that only one cook knew how to make it just right, and when he was sick or on vacation, roast beef hash was 86.

          BTW the Lobster Savannah was not for the regulars. The COQUILLE of Lobster Savannah was half the price for half the portion and still more than one person could eat. A very rich dish.

          I'm looking forward the new incarnation of what we used to call "The Company Cafeteria". Those were great years.

          1. re: Win (Boston)

            It's sad to see the changes, sad to see Dang the bartender at Yvonnes the once private club in Lock-Ober go, and the club itself. Once it closed it felt like you lost a big group of friends that now you'll only see if bumping into them on the street. It's funny how one restaurant can give you so many memories, and I only started going there in the 90's...

            I hope Lydia can keep up it's allure.

    2. I think you may be talking about Locke-Ober, It's one of the oldest restaurants in Boston(down an alley) on Winter St. It has recently been taken over by Lydia Shire (Biba)who has revamped the inside. (slightly) I was there last night, they have just recently opened. Some of the old wait staff are still there, but new clad in black attractive female bartenders are behind the bar.

      Did you pass valets down a small dark alley and take a left through a dark door, as you enter the bar is to the left, and in the diningroom there is a fabulous old carved bar- just for service though not to sit.

      If so we're prob. talking about the same place...