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Nov 27, 2001 03:42 PM

Mysterious Sicilian after dinner drink

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I am trying to find an after dinner drink I had in Palermo, Sicily. The name of it was Elisir dei sette polenti. Has anyone heard of this before? Tasted like a Sambuca, but with quite more of a heated explosion in the mouth... was really good.

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  1. Hi,

    I just checked around on Google for your after dinner drink but only came up with Italian language Websites. By the way, it's Elisir dei Setti Potenti (not Polenti) which I believe roughly translates to Elixir of Seven Powers. Good luck finding it.

    A Sicilian-American Woman

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      Ask for Rick at Martignetti's on cross street, in the North End also. If they don't have it they may be able to order it.

    2. You might want to try Cirace's Liquor..they're in the North End and have an extensive selection of Italian wines and liqueurs.