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Nov 26, 2001 01:13 PM

Eddy's in Ipswich

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Located on 133 just right of the 1A intersection in Ipswich is a great find. Eddy's. Its in the Bruni's Marketplace. Several other establishments (Steep Hill Grill, Jack Rabbit Flats) came and went but this one seems to be a keeper. We had excellent fried calamari with pepperocini slivers. The breads are from Loaf-in-a-Round in Danvers - very extraordinary and served with a spiced olive oil that blew us away. My lovely wife had the pork in a port wine reduction with mushrooms - quite good - and my frutta di mare was also very very well prepared with very fresh ingredients and tons of mussels and quahogs. We had the Toasted Head chard with the meal ($34) which seemed excessive (paid $11/bottle/case) but what the hell. Even the 'chop chop' salad was good. Coconut cake we spilt an order and it too was yum. W/ tip it was about $105 for two and worth it. We will go back and if you go, lets hear what you think.

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