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Nov 26, 2001 11:17 AM

Great and (relatively) Obscure near 126 State St.

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Hi, Boston guys

Someone just did the site a pretty big favor, and his office is at 126 State St. He's not a huge chowhound, so he won't know every place within 1/2 mile of his office, but he probably does know the super-obvious choices very close by.

Can anyone suggest something really terrific within striking range which he likely wouldn't know about that I can tip him to as payback for the extremely kind help he just gave all of us?


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  1. I think down the street is where you can find Margo, in the Harborside Hotel. I haven't been but have heard great things and it's supposedly an undiscovered gem. If he wants to walk up the street, Silvertone on Bromfield and Eclipse on Providence (I think) are good spots, plus the sandwich joint below Eclipse. People have talked about more casual spots around Broad St. haven't they?

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      I agree with all of Joanies picks..also heard good things about Margo but haven't tried it. The sandwich shop below Eclipse is called Sam LaGrasso's. I think it has the best pastrami and corned beef in Boston..(Province St)..very casual, Turkish food, on Broad St..Sultans Kitchen. For something more "high end", Lock Obers just reopened..a real Boston institution..I'm planning on going Wed night and I'm sure it will be excellent.

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        I, too, have read and heard great things about Margo, but haven't been. Sounds like an obvious place for us Chowhounders to hold our next "meeting". Whaddya say gang?

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          Sounds good but let me know cuz that's one of the choices I may hit with a friend who I've been trying to get together with forever. Either that or Troquet.

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            I just happen to be in town, through Monday the 3rd if folks wish to / are able to do something so quick.


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              just a quick technical point.....we could lose the "Great and (relatively)" from the subject title in thread drift situations like this.

              Hey, no gathering in the north end? Been meaning to ask: is that nabe too "locked up" for you guys (I mean, like, local hounds know all the places, there are no surprises left)? Not being from boston, the nabe amazes me, but....I'm not from Boston!


              1. re: Jim Leff

                The North End has some great places..different food shops and restaurants. I love going there..mostly for food shopping. I am fortunate to live and work in downtown..Boston is much smaller than NY..CTown is a 5 min walk from my home..North End maybe 10. In my opinion (and why I initially suggested a Chinatown meal)is that Chinatown really lends itself to "chowhound meetings" for several reasons:

                Chinatown is for the "adventurous eater." at least for the places that we've gone to..anyone can, and does go to the North End. I could go to the North End with any of my friends..not all of them like CTown..particularly a place like King Fung.

                Asian food is generally served "family style." There are many dishes in the center of the table and we all share. While this could be done in other restaurants, I'm not sure how well it would work..trying to split a veal chop for instance..6 ways. There is a real "value added" to dining with 4 or 5 other people..and the variety of dishes you can get in Chinatown.

                That's why I have favored going to Chinatown..but would certainly be open to new ideas...key benefit to me of the "chowhound meeting" is the ability to share..and sample foods that I might not otherwise want to try if I were out by myself..example was a "liver soup" we had at Taiwan Cafe...probably woulodn't order it myself..but glad to have had the opportunity to have 1/4 of an order.

                Dinner meetings are probably tough for me thru year end..but lunch?? I would also like to check out some of the neighborhoods..Somerville, East Boston, Dorchester..places that I'm not real familiar with.

    2. Penang - Malaysian Food - 685-691 Washington St
      I love the Roti Canai - The roti is a bread that is fresh made and looks like a giant crispy crepe and is served with a curry dipping sauce. This one dish (served as an appetizer) draws me back again and again. (See the link below) The rest of the menu is very interesting and there are lots of terrific dishes to explore. One tip, bring friends so that you can try lots of different dishes.


      1. For Terrific Italian, J. Pace & Sons, locations on 2 Devonshire Place, and 1 Federal Street.

        Jubilee Cafe 45 Milk Street

        There is also an Irish place near Fanueil Hall that was good, but the name escapes me

        1. It's a bit of a walk, but Il Rustico, on Canal St, is a great hole in the wall Italian place. Great subs (try the Rustico: prosciutto, basil, fresh mozzarella), nice pasta, simple entrees. They're on idine, if that matters. I've not been disappointed. There are only six or seven tables, and there's often a rush for takeout, but it's certainly fun for lunch.

          1. Thanks, everybody, for your tips!

            Also, i should mention....the fellow in question turns out to be a more serious hound than I'd thought. His Boston faves are:
            Giacamo's (no big "find", but shows he has taste) and Bova bakery for 24 hrs. subs (I don't know you?)


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            1. re: Jim Leff

              I haven't had the subs at Bova's, but I've gone twice now to buy bread in the middle of the night. The bread is inexpensive and delicious, and there always seems to be a line in there, even at 3 in the morning! The desserts look good too. I'll bet this place is good in the daytime as well......for me it's mostly great cause of the 24 hr. deal....

              1. re: Dave M.P.

                Bova's is ok..particularly for the late hours..ok for the sweets..don't know about the subs..never heard them mentioned til Jim's post..during the day, Parziales..which is right next to Bovas has better bread..and pan style, flat bread pizza..which is far better than Bova's version.

                Interestingly, the more interesting breads..Tuscan or other dense, chewy breads aren't baked in the North End...J Pace and Salumeria Italiano probably have the best assortment of fine breads...used to be trucked in daily from the some of our local bakeries have started putting out some great stuff..Iggys..Clear Flour..and others. The North End bakeries seem to make more of a fluffy, white breadish, Italian bread.

                1. re: 9lives

                  I know it's personal preference, but I'm really not into North End bakeries at all. Give me the bread, scones and croissants at Clear Flour over those weird cookies, fluffy bread and cannolis at Mike's, Bova, etc. any day.