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Nov 24, 2001 10:18 AM

Help in Hopkinton

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Just moved out to Hopkinton from Needham, and feel like I am in a culinary desert out here. Struggling to find anything to fill the bill for the two nights a week when we don't want to cook, but still want to eat good food. Outside of major chains, we are finding nothing good out here.

Any help available from the hound community?

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  1. Yikes! Not too much in Hopkinton. I grew up in Milford (next town over) and still visit family there frequently, so here's the best I can offer in that town:

    Italian - Peppercorn's. I had dinner there tonite, and it was very good as usual. Usual Italian (pasta, chick parm), but with good specials (wild mushroom and lobster ravioli, yum!). Reasonably priced and always packed on weekend nights.

    Indian - Taste of India, decent Indian restaurant in the Stop and Shop plaza. I've gotten take-away there many times, have ordered off the menu and they also do a good buffet lunch. I was overjoyed that an Indian restaurant even opened in Milford.

    Mango: Brand new Thai place that opened in the Star Market plaza. I haven't been there yet, but have heard good things.

    Place to avoid in Milford: the 99 (I have gotten sick after eating there). Pago Pago (good for drinks and 1960s tiki atmosphere, but I wouldn't eat there).

    In Hopkinton, I have heard there is a Brazilian restaurant, Ipanema. Have you been there? There also used to be a pretty good Italian place in Hopkinton, but the name escapes me; I'll have to ask my Mom and get back to you.

    If you head out of Hopkinton towards Framingham, La Cantina is another good Italian place on the Hopkinton road right before you hit downtown Framingham.

    Happy chowing!!! If I can think of anyplace else, I'll post again.

    1. As a Holliston resident of nearly 10 years, I sympathize with you, but things are not as bleak as they used to be. We also like Taste of India, Cactus Grille in Hopkinton is decent, as is Alamo in Milford. Alamo can get crowded on weekends, so take advantage of the call-ahead policy. Tennessee's in Milford is good for takeout and eat-in, and for Italian the buffet on Tues, Wed, and Thurs at Union House on 135 in Framingham (dinner only) is a great deal. Ziti's and Arturo's are great for Italian in Westborough- the former being more casual than the latter. For Chinese, I recommend China Ting in Ashland, and Chef Orient in Framingham near Exit 12 of Pike (on Rt. 9) has a good buffet for lunch and Sunday night dinner. Other good place for Italian is Florentina in Franklin, near the Zeotrope. If you are willing to do a chain, Lonestar Steak House in Franklin is not bad, and another decent place in Franklin that's kind of different is Spruce Pond Creamery- flatbread pizza and ice cream. Gold Fork is the same as Berkshire Grille. Also, we recently ate at Nello's in Ashland after staying away for many years because it was too smoky (it's now nonsmoking) and the food was good and inexpensive, with good service. I'll keep thinking.

      1. This is good help so far, thanks very much.

        1. You need to check out the Golden Mile. Maybe it's more like 2 miles. Starting on Rt# 135 going toward Hopkington the Union House. They have great pizza and antipasto salad. Right next door is the Waverly Market which has a great selection of Italian cold cuts. The bread they use is just OK but it's worth a stop. Down the road is TJ's market. The best rotisserie chickens for miles around. Then you've got LaCantina again for pizza and salad. Last but not least is the Cherry Blossom which is by far the best Chinese buffet in the area. Let us know if you give them a try.