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Nov 20, 2001 07:59 PM

Soft serve ice cream, all-year, all the time

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Does anyone know of a soft serve ice cream
place near Boston? (maybe near the T somewhere?)

Looking for something non-seasonal,
open all year round, preferably every day
except holidays, and open late
(that is preferably at least until 10:00pm).

NOT looking for frozen yogurt.
NOT looking for something like Wendy's "Frosty".
The idea is to have a vanilla base
to make a hot fudge soft serve ice cream sundae
(maybe with whip cream and a cherry).

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  1. Pardon the obvious, but have you tried Friendly's? You should be able to find one near just about anywhere.
    Chow will be assimilated.
    Resistance is futile.

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    1. re: chowborg

      Not obvious at all, since Friendly's doesn't do soft-serve.

    2. JP Licks has soft serve ice cream. At least I think it's ice cream, it may be yogurt. But if you're gonna make a sundae, does it matter?

      1. h
        Heathen & Spells

        Louie's on broadway in somerville ( very near sullivan sq. ) has soft serve year round. Great looking place, old & looks like it should be at beach rather than in town, but I'm embarrassed to say that we've never tried it !. Looks perfect for what you want and you can always get a steak sub at J&S deli on cross st right nearby before ice cream.

        1. There's a fast food/pizza/soft serve place in Watertown across from the old New England Telephone (now Tufts) building... I think it's on Watertown St. just past the Mt. Auburn Star Market (with the Mt. Auburn cemetery on your left).