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Where is everyone?

Joanie Nov 20, 2001 08:08 AM

It's as slow as the New Orleans board here. Maybe everyone's gearing up for Thanksgiving. One quick comment. Was at the Miracle of Science for the first time in a while and they still serve one of the best burgers in Boston. Just wish it came with fries but the red potatos are okay.

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  1. s
    sadotter RE: Joanie Nov 20, 2001 09:31 AM

    Agreed, the Miracle serves up fantastic burgers. I've actually come to appreciate the red potatoes they serve with the burgers, and now I couldn't imagine it any other way. I can't say much else there is worth eating though. But they do have some of the nicest bartenders around.

    1. a
      abb RE: Joanie Nov 20, 2001 10:22 AM

      Yes, after leaving Boston 6 months ago, we always try to find a reason to come back to Miracle or Audobon. Although I prefer the atmosphere at Audobon better, the burgers at either place are amazing!

      Another option that I always liked at Audobon was the portobella salad. Very simple, but very good.

      Now , if they only brought that burger here to New York!

      1. r
        Romero RE: Joanie Nov 20, 2001 01:46 PM

        To grandma's for Thanksgiving.

        1. 9
          9lives RE: Joanie Nov 20, 2001 01:53 PM

          just back from Miami..posted to the Fl board.

          1. a
            Amy RE: Joanie Nov 20, 2001 02:04 PM

            Here. Still digesting an outstanding dinner from Sage (last night). We really blew it out. Will write it up when I can waddle back to reality.

            Veggie burger at Miracle is good too. Ask for extra aioli. Yum.

            1. c
              C. Fox RE: Joanie Nov 20, 2001 04:37 PM

              Getting ready to go to New York for the holiday weekend. I've been posting a lot of questions on the NY boards. Also I had two wisdom teeth out, so I haven't been allowed to eat anything too interesting for a few days. {-<

              However, I did make it to Su Chang's in Peabody, for my first visit, the night before the operation. We enjoyed our vegetarian dumplings, seafood chow foon, and Szechuan "spicy" fish very much, even though the fish wasn't "spicy" in the least. With a bottle of hot oil on the table, though, I would have no complaints whatsoever. Not an exciting menu, but everything nicely prepared and tasty. I'll be back.

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              1. re: C. Fox
                beanbag RE: C. Fox Nov 21, 2001 12:38 PM

                C. Fox -- where are you going to eat in NYC? We're also going to be there and am still debating over where to eat. Got a reservation for a Thanksgiving dinner at the Sea Grill, and I'm looking for a good spot for a pre-theatre dinner.

                1. re: beanbag
                  C. Fox RE: beanbag Nov 26, 2001 05:01 PM

                  beanbag, sorry I missed your post. I'll soon be posting my report on the Outer Boroughs board, since I spent most of my time in Queens. Hope to see yours too, presumably on the Manhattan board?

              2. r
                Rubee RE: Joanie Nov 20, 2001 07:26 PM

                Just got back from El Paso, Texas. Still thinking about the chili rellenos, carnitas, tortilla soup, and gorditas. :)

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