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Nov 17, 2001 11:57 AM

diner for breakfast near hingham

  • m

hi gang -

i'm in search of a diner for breakfast near hingham, but not as north as braintree.
(i posted before but people thought i was looking for "dinner", not a "diner".)
anyone know of anything good? i don't know where they are down there.

thanks - mark.

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  1. Mark,

    See my suggestions under your previous post.

    1. I recommend trying Strawberry Fair in Norwell. On Sundays, they feature a brunch menu and a few specials. I especially like their grilled cornbread.

      1. Well, if you ever drive west, the best diner I've been to in this state is Carl's Diner in Oxford, MA, below Worcester. Nice people and ridiculously gigantic portions of food. And Northampton has a nice cluster of diners. Haven't been to the Phyllis Diner closer in Everett for a while, but that was the best one locally IMHO.