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Nov 15, 2001 12:20 PM

Vegetarian places?

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Are there any good "true" vegetarian restaurants in the area (other than Buddha's delight)? Help!

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  1. I've heard that Didi Emmons (author of "Vegetarian Planet", and well-known local chef - Pho Republique, Delux, Hammersley's, etc.)opened a new restaurant in Cambridge called Veggie Planet although I haven't been there. Maybe some other chowhounds have?


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      I've been to Veggie Planet. the restaurant is part of the folk club Club Passim. I play there every now and again and so get to eat for free. They have mostly pizzas and some other noodle and salad dishes. I had a butternut squash/goat cheese pizza that was pretty tasty. not a bad place to catch some music and have some good eats.

    2. Grasshopper in Allston and Country Life downtown.

      1. Life and Lite(i think thats the name in West Newton is similar to Buddhas delite, but no MSG and really great healthy food. Its one of those fake meat kind of veggie chinese places but with some great variety, like croquettes and spaghetti with veggie meatballs and great wonton soup with noodles. Its cheap great but not atmospheric, metal fold out chairs in a tiny place, i have usually done takeout. I moved to north shore and miss it. No veggie places that i can find north of waltham along 128. Is there one i dont know about?