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Nov 15, 2001 09:39 AM

Boston to Toronto

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Hello fellow Boston Hounds! My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Toronto this weekend. Can anyone here from Boston recommend places to eat in Toronto? I have always found the opinions of Boston Hounds worth trying! We will be staying at the Marriott located on Bloor Street. Trying to stay away from tourist traps and would like to experience Toronto's "hidden jewels".
We are willing to try anything! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Check out Sara Waxman's "Toronto's Cheaper Eats : A Guide to over 150 of the City's Best Restaurant Values" (you can probably page through a copy at any large bookstore in Toronto). I referred to it a few weeks ago when I was there and had a wonderful meal at Eating Garden, a Chinese restaurant on the fringes of UToronto.

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      Country Style Hungarian Restaurant on Bloor, in the funky-boho neighborhood (think Allston with less graffiti) called The Annex. (Very important: do not confuse this with Country Style, a forgettable doughnut chain. They're not even doughnuts, they're donuts.) The menu delivers exactly what the name promises -- I dare you to find another place that has sour lungs on the menu daily -- and the food is just amazing. Split a bowl of the goulash to start (split is the operative word, it's huge and very filling) and then get any of the schnitzels, the cabbage rolls or anything with dumplings. Get the custard for dessert, or maybe a crepe with jam. Warning: cash only, no credit cards, but you'll eat till you burst for about $10 CDN.

      Also, Toronto has the best street corner hot dogs ever. You have to have at least one.