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Nov 14, 2001 02:54 PM

Cuchi Cuchi?

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has anyone been to cuchi cuchi?

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  1. You can check out my blurb from a couple months ago if you like. It was decent and fun.


    1. Yes.

      Fun atmosphere. Tapas sized dishes but not all Spanish. Great for sharing, of course. Lots of fun (but expensive), interesting cocktails you probably won't find anywhere else. One called Getting Layered was a big favorite (lots of Mango and rum and other good things).

      As for the food!


      French Toast banana bread dessert (memorable)
      Carpaccio of the day (tuna)


      Pork loin with apples
      Brie and walnut souffle
      Squid (I can't remember how it was prepared)

      Not as good as hoped:

      Sole ceviche (cevihce of the day)
      Steak au poivre (WAY!!! too peppery - no flavor of the meat)

      On the whole, I would recommend it. Especially with a small group. three to six people.

      1. I liked it alot. 2 of us ate at bar sharing a few tapas and bottle of wine. It was fun and the plates we tried were very good overall. Scallops Provencial was very good & stuffed eggplant was great. Mussels were just okay. Bread very good and the Spanish wine was very good. Fun atmosphere.