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Nov 13, 2001 10:59 AM

Good eats in Billerica?

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Anyone know of a good place to eat in or around Billerica, Mass.? Anything from a good place for a slice of pizza to a nice restaurant, any national cuisine (I eat them all!).

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  1. Billerica is beseigned by the Usual "99" fare - yuck. THere's two 99's in Billerica! However, on Rte. 3A traveling North from Burlington there's an Irish Pub called THE EMERALD ROSE. Its NOT a bar-room--Guiness chugging scene. There's a dining room side and a pub side with a bar, gas fireplace, and tables. Nice quality food which they tried to keep at the upper end of the spectrum. Very attractive interior....try it! Also Further up on 3A is an Italian Restaurant called Amici's. Very decent food, good menu, nice inside.

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      Two "99"s! What a blessing! I remember when the 99 first rolled out their fajitas, but they didn't want to call them that (presumably because no one in Massachusetts would know what that meant) so they had these awful radio ads for their "sizzling southwestern-style flank steak with vegetables" or something like that, in which they described the preparation of fajitas in excruciating detail. The whole thing was just so indicative of the lowest-common-denominator effect that controls those sorts of establishments.
      Thanks for the tips on Billerica, by the way!

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        TRY THE JADE PACIFIC 770 BOSTON ROAD (ROUTE #3A) SUPER FOOD,AND GREAT LUNCHEON SPECIALS FROM 11:30 am /3:00 pm 48 items on the list WOW!!!!!! and they run from $3.70 to $5.35 cheap eats great food !!!!