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Nov 11, 2001 12:55 PM

turkish food

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Should I go to Anadolou Cafe or Istanbul Cafe?
(how does the menu, atmosphere, etc compare?)



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  1. Try Sultan's Kitchen on Broad Street in Boston

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    1. re: LisaN

      Sultan's is delicious - but just lunch I think. It is mostly take out, but there is seating upstairs. Prices are good, and the take out service is too.

      1. re: Louise

        Wait -- for dinner and romance try Oleana. It is more upscale and inventive than your typical take out turkish joint. It is pricey, but worth it. In the summer they have tables outside. The fish is fantastic - flavorful and simple.

    2. Both Anadolou and Istanbul Cafe are suppose to be owned by the same people. I've been to Istanbul Cafe (mostly for lunch) and liked it very much (though that's over a year ago). Some of their lunch menu is very different from the Sultan's Kitchen, so it's possible to get a good sampling of dishes if you've been to both. I also remember it being very reasonable, especially for Beacon Hill. Let us know what you decided and give us a report.