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Nov 10, 2001 03:40 PM

Best caterers in Boston area?

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We're planning a small sit down dinner party and are looking for great food, creative ideas and personal attention. Any ideas? We're open to either individuals or catering companies....

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  1. Page Carter Catering...located in Arlington

    1. I've used Via Lago in Lexington for several corporate events over the years, and they do an absolutely wonderful job! They can tailor any menu for you, as well as help out with decorations and libations, if need be. Website is below.


      1. Have you heard of David's World Famous or Catering by David's? They are a social and corporate caterer that operates out of Woburn. They also have restaurant locations in Burlington and on Presidential Way in Woburn. I've had there food before and it is beyond delicious. Some of their menus are on their website but I think they have a special menu for the holidays. Check them out.