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Nov 8, 2001 01:22 PM

McCormiick and Schmick (?)

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Has anyone eaten at the new restaurant at Fanueil Hall, on the end where the Marketplace Cafe used to be? I was always a fan of the Marketplace - had the best guacamole on their nachos! Just nice, easy, good food. I was very disappointed to see it go, and have to admit I kind of resent the new place!

But has anyone eaten there? How is it?

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  1. I really like the M&S in the Park Plaza hotel. Interesting fish, good hand with the fryolator, good prices. Didn't know the Fanueil Hall one was now open.

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      Kansas Tornado


      I was a little skeptical of this place, but if you say it is good..

      Can you tell me a little more?


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        I've been twice. Got a panfried oyster app. and it was done so well. Main course was rare tuna with a rice cake (I think they've dropped the rice cake but I really liked it) and a wonderful caramelized apple pie in a skillet. Can't remember my friend's entree but he liked it all too. A month or so ago I was there with 5 other people and we got calamari, grilled shrimp and raw oyster apps which everyone liked. Two of us got a miso coated grouper w/ stir fried vegetables and we both really enjoyed it. I think everyone was happy with entrees and dessert (that apple thing is the best). They have everything from basic baked cod to different fish you've never heard of. And prices are mostly under $20. Plus the room is pretty comfortable. I've got pre-Thanksgiving dinner there with my brother's in-laws on my recommendation, so it better stay good. Look at their web site for more info.

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          i recently went with my brothers to m+s at the park plaza. very good oysters, good seared tuna, all other items except the bread were weak. rice with the tuna was actually mushy, the whole thing clearly suffered from 'setups' being prepared long before the fish.

          long on showmanship, at least some good ingredients, dubious preparation. for me at least, the service was intrusive but i know people differ in what they want from waitstaff.

          my opinion was, i think, pretty much shared by the brothers.