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Nov 6, 2001 08:04 PM


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This is Todd English's new steak restaurank in the Park Plaza. I haven't eaten here yet but I heard from a friend that the steak was great. I was in the area tonight and stopped in...beautiful bar and dining room, very dramatic, soft red lighting. Anyone been yet?

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  1. my husband went, met English, ate prime rib, friend had veal, neither were impressed...I frankly have a problem with restaraunts that charge 40+ for a porterhouse that they simply cook and then charge for sauces and sides on top///yes I have been to Morton's and the like and will most likely return but the whole concept baffles me when I can just as readily heat up the bbq and toss in a giant baked potatoe at home...there is no art in this type of joint, just high prices for simple cooking

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      I've been twice now. The place itself is beautiful and the big, open kitchen is a lot of fun to watch. Many of the comments made by "gyppielou" are valid - it is pricey, perhaps too pricey. It IS annoying that everything is a la carte. Oddly, for such an expensive place, they have a good number of reasonably priced wines on their list.

      Anyway, I think the steak is incredible - the NY Sirloin and the Porterhouse were some of the best I've had. I did think that the prime rib was lacking. The venison was also pretty superior. For appetizers, the Seoul-style shortribs (app) were great. The mussels were perfect one visit and poor the next.

      No thoughts on the desserts as I have never been hungry enough to try them after the main course.

      Bonfire is a little hit or miss right now. Some stuff is truly great, some needs work, but here's to hoping it gets sorted out because the place has high potential.

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        How do you compare the steaks to places like Morton's, Cap Grill. Palm, or Abe and Louies? Thanks

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          Embarrassingly, my experience with Boston steakhouses is limited, to say the least. People I've dined with at Bonfire thought that the steak was better than at Palm (though I havent heard much good about Palm in Boston), and not as good as Cap. Grill. It is different. Bonfire offers a lot of non-steak, south american-inspired dishes. As a result, the places that really ONLY do steak, may beat them out on that front.