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Nov 6, 2001 10:07 AM

dining alone

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Hello, I'm a New york chowhounder about to go to Boston for a two day business trip. I'm staying in the Financial district and looking a nice place for a lady to dine solo and not feel like a freak. Any sweet, small spots to recommend?

I'm not afriad of taking the T anywhere, but mind you, this will be a Sunday night...

Thanks so much!

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  1. My first recommendation is go to the North End. Its within walking distance. I recommend Piccola Venezia on Hanover Street.

    Durgin Park is also good at Fanueil Hall. Big Long tables that everyone sits at, so you won't feel so alone.

    Sultan's Kitchen on Broad street is also excellent, I'm not sure if they are open for dinner though. Excellent food, counter service then you can take it upstairs to a table. If its not open for dinner, try and go for lunch.

    1. Sel de la Terre by the Aquarium is pleasant and mellow for solo people. You could eat at the bar at a ton of places like Legal, McCormick and Schmick, Radius, Vox Populi, etc. The bar scene at the latter two wouldn't be quite as crazy as other nites. If you look a bit further down, there's a web site where lots of restaurants are doing special suppers on 11/11 for the Sept. 11 thing, $15 to $30 for 3 courses.

      1. Try Salts in Cambridge, they will take a reso for one and the food is out of this world.