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Nov 2, 2001 10:02 AM

banh mi

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What are the places to get banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) around Boston and its suburbs? I know of the cart/stand down at MIT and the two or three places in Chinatown. But what about the west edge of Boston? In allston or brigton?


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  1. Where's the cart at MIT? What hours?

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      Seth Ditchik

      Ba Le on Dorchester Ave. in Dot., a few blocks up from the Harp & Bard.

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        Opens at 5AM. Great breakfast place!

      2. Do I have a place for you! The English translation is Boston and it is at 696 Washington St. Chinatown next to the old Pilgrim theatre. I've had the shredded pork and the barbequed pork. Sandwiches are $2. each. Great and cheap. It has become our pre theatre dinner spot.