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Nov 1, 2001 01:56 PM

Bakeries that Deliver - HELP!

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Out-of-town friends would like to do something "local" for another friend undergoing medical treatment here in Boston. Specifically, they would like to send some local foodie treat to either the hospital or the hotel where their friend's family is staying.

My husband had the brilliant idea of sending a Boston Cream Pie or a box of Cannoli or other Italian pastries. But from where to order? Does anyone know of a place that delivers pastries?

Any alternative suggestions are welcome! We thought about clambakes, etc. but they may be over the price limit, as well as require too much advance planning on the part of the recipients.

Thanks for your help, hounds!

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  1. Rebecca's Cafe is a smallish local chain. We order all our corporate stuff from there because it is quite good and they deliver( I know for a fact that there is a location in the Longwood medical area. However, I don't think that you have to limit yourself to a bakery that delivers. There are tons of bike courier services and it wouldn't cost you that much to have a messenger pick up the pastries at your bakery of choice and then drop them off at the hospital. A lot of places that deliver around here tend to be lunch places that do corporate catering, and the desserts are good at best--not great. It's also been my experience that if you explain where it is going, the bakery will be more accomodating. My mother recently had oyster stew as a take-out item at a place that NEVER does take out, because it was for her dying unlce in the hospital. Once you tell them who its for and why, people are pretty willing to help out. Good luck!!

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      Splendid Spatula definitely had the right idea..the only thing is, is your friend in a Medical, or Longwood area, hospital, or down near Mass General? Two totally different areas of town, so you should find out before you decide where to send it from.

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        Rebecca's? Really? I've never had anything even remotely palatable from there. (Ok, specifically the one @ 560 Harrison St. in the South End.) Their bagels are brought in from Finagle though, but that's about all I can handle from them.

      2. Try J Pace & Sons. They have locations in the North End, and several around downtown. Great baked goods, cakes, cookies also italian specialties.

        They also make great pasta, eggplant parm, veal parm, salads etc.

        They do deliver. Your friends could get a gift certificate perhaps that they could then redeem for what they wanted.

        42 Cross St (North End Location)
        Boston, MA 02113
        (617) 227-3874

        Also one at 1 Federal St and 2 Devonshire place.

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          Thanks to you all for thoughtful ideas. My friends (and their friend) will appreciate it all!