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Nov 1, 2001 02:25 AM

Olive's in Charlsetown

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My husband wants to go to Olives for his birthday tonight. Have not been there for many years. Has anyone eaten there recently? I'm afraid to find that Todd English may be spreading himself too thin these days....but am hopeful that the meal will be as fantastic as the first visit.

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  1. just be prepared that they have scaled down the size of the portions, in particular the entrees. it is still crowded, the food is still yummy and the menu still as ambitious but be prepared for minor mistakes in the meal. my dinner there 3 weeks ago had a lemon tart that had a soggy crust and my tuna entree was not cooked to my specifications (well done instead of medium).

    1. So happy to find that Olive's carries on beautifully w or w/o Todd English at the helm. Have to tip my hat to this young chef who trains his people so well.The food was amazing, the service impeccable. Be prepared for loudness...but that can be fun too. People all around us were celebrating birthdays, anniversarys etc.. so you know folks hold this place in high regard. Will not wait so long to return this time. Cost for 2 for a perfect meal???
      $90 plus tip.

      1. Tried to get into Olives this past weekend...with a TWO hour wait we decided to go to EVOO...what a pleasant surprise! excellent food and service!