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Oct 31, 2001 06:30 PM

KIngfish Hall: Reviews Pls!

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Well, we're doing our part for the economy this weekend and one of the group has insisted we go to Kingfish Hall. Well, what say you all? Thanks!

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  1. Now that's really a double edged you want to help the economy or do you just want to go out to dinner? Todd English can certainly do with a few off nights at his many restaraunts- I've lost count-5 in Boston, places in LA and NY--maybe some I don't recall....

    The idea for me of helping the economy, is to help establishments that are hit hard and are having a struggle financially surviving so many off nights. So a chef with a major corporation would not be my first choice to spend money for humanity sake.

    As far as King Fish Hall, I have had a mediocre food experience and a lovely food the jury's still out and I will return to make my judgement.

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      The times I've been have all been alike. Uneven cuisine. i.e. Great app. then mediocre entree, or bad app. then good entree. I also find the service to be poor. The wait staff seems too concerned with entertaining themselves than servicing the guests.