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Oct 29, 2001 02:59 PM

So-So at Brasserie Jo

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Went to Brasserie Jo for dinner over the weekend, as I was with a group and in the area. I'd had a fairly good experience once before but was pretty disappointed with this visit. Two members of my group ordered the steak frites, which was delivered to the table on the cold side of lukewarm. (They were served two fresh, hot steaks later, but the med-rare steaks were a bit tough.) They changed the menu at the restaurant and we were disappointed that the hanger steak was removed -- it was much better than the steak that is served now.

I had the coq au vin, which was bland and very gummy, too much cornstarch or something in there. Served with equally gummy/greasy spaetzle.

It's too bad that the food was disappointing, because the restaurant is well-located, and is a nice bistro type of dining room, with reasonable prices, etc.

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  1. that's too bad. I usually order the fruit de mer. I wish people would sent food back that is unacceptable so that you keep the standards high.