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Oct 29, 2001 01:05 PM

Delicato-- a great (and inexpensive!) lunch place

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I have been a loyal Delicato customer for a few eyars now, so I figured I would share my secret. It's a small little lunch place located on the corner of Old City Hall and Pi Alley here in Boston. Although they have your regular sandwich offerings, I am a big fan of their hot specials and their rotating lunch salads. Today I had a Greek Salad, and let me just tell you-- it is not your average Greek salad! It starts with a bed of Romaine and is topped with cucumber slices, pieces of summer squash, pepperoncini, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes and black olives. Then it's topped with a spanokopita (sp?) that has a nice balance of crunchy phyllo and earthy spinach flavor. The whole thing is topped with a generous mound of home-made roasted pepper hummous and not-too-salty-or-tangy feta, with creamy Greek dressing on the side. YUM!!! All this for $4.95. The other day I had the same kind of bed of salad, topped with a nice eggplant rollatini. The eggplant wasn't too mushy or chewy (a common eggplant problem), the ricotta filling was nice and creamy and the sauce that went with it didn't have that tinny taste and watery consistency that some lunch places suffer from. $4.95 again. The lunch specials range from Irish chciken stew to teriyaki tenderloin-- alawys different, deliscious and reasonably priced. So now you know my secret. . . .Check it out!

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