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Oct 26, 2001 10:48 PM

Danvers Area - Thanksgiving

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Does anyone know of any restaurants in the Danvers area that might be open on Thanksgiving? Thank you very much.

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  1. I think the Hardcover may be open but you should call and check. They are right next to Friday's on Rt 1

    1. I would also recommend the Hardcover. I recently went to a dinner for 20 to celebrate a birthday and everyone had a great meal. There are many surf and turf selections as well as a lighter appetites section and a children's menu. The deep fried lobster ravioli was an interesting appetizer, there are a few unusual choices on the menu but most are classics. Dinner with appetizers, drinks, desserts, and tip came to about $40 per person.

      A warning: It's very easy to miss, when coming north on route 1 keep an eye peeled after the 128 intersection, it's on your right.

      Phone (978)774-1223

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      1. re: Daisy's

        Is this a sit down or buffet for Thanksgiving? I am looking for a sit down/ not too hectic Thanksgiving North of Boston . Any other ideas?

        1. re: Dorothy

          This is a sit down restaurant with a salad bar but I'm not sure what they do for holidays. There is no information on the web site about Thanksgiving.