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Oct 26, 2001 06:03 PM

What are the best sit-down, inexpensive restaurants in Boston?

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Hi Everyone,

I read a post from Julie in the Casa Mia thread and she mentioned that she was looking for inexpensive places to eat since several of her friends are unemployed. I think there are probably a lot of other people in the same situation (or worried that they are about to be laid off) so I thought I would start a new thread devoted to this. In your opinion, what are the best inexpensive restaurants in Boston? I guess this the definition of "inexpensive" varies person to person but I'll leave it up to you to judge what is a real bargain. No takeout, please.

Looking forward to reading the responses! Thanks!

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  1. I'll second all the praise of Taiwan Cafe in Chinatown.
    Bob the chefs can be very cheap-the appetizers(especially the chicken/ribs) are very filling and cheap. Bangkok Cuisine on Mass. Ave near Symphony.
    Figs white pizza with a warm bacon salad. The interesting sandwhiches at the Parish Cafe.
    The Cubanos at Cafe Pamplona in Cambridge.
    So in most cases around $11 each person,not including drinks.

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      How about the S&S deli in Cambridge? You can sit down and order a satisfying meal of deli classics or homestyle cooking, get a beer, wine or cocktail, and (in a recent, welcome innovation) use a credit card! My husband is a great fan of their mussels fra diavolo, while I often gravitate toward the reuben or cobb salad. Best part, open late, so you can go after a movie. Not fine dining, but cheap, satisfying and comfortable.

      1. Dixie Kitchen on Mass Ave. is good Cajun food, no liquor tho. The Galway House in JP is cheap with decent basic food, and lots of booze (and smoke). Miracle of Science in Central Sq. is fairly cheap and fun, limited menu tho. Also its sister restaurant Audobon Circle outside of Kenmore Sq. Plus Thornton's (bar food), Canistraro's (Italian) and the Linwood (bbq) in the Fenway. There's a few for you.

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          Joanie (of Boston), were you referring to Canestaro's on Peterborough St in Fenway Park area?